The Heartstrong Collection

We are all capable of rising from the ashes, again, and again, and again - no matter how many times you get knocked back down. As long as your heart continues to beat, you are meant to be here, finding your unique place and purpose in the world.

You just need to find that inner strength of heart and believe.

BE Heartstrong.

Original Art

Custom Personalized Heartstrong Paintings

  • As a 4 time heart attack survivor, 3 of which were caused by SCAD – Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissections - supporting the research and education of this lesser known type of heart attack is near and dear to my permanently damaged heart. I am proud to be partnering with SCAD Alliance whose mission is just that.To celebrate my 13th SCADiversary, I am donating 13% of all proceeds of February’s collection to SCAD Alliance. Click here to learn more about my partnership with SCAD Alliance or visit their website

If you are a fellow survivor and need or want to talk – please contact me at I see you and understand how important it is to have someone who gets it.