Art That Sparks The Soul

My art comes from a moment in time when something Sparked my Soul and wanted to be created thru me. Abstracts and animals, vibrant colors and softness, realism and mysticism.....every time I go into the studio its something new and different. Everything I create has been a part of my Soul's Journey helping me release, heal, celebrate and explore whatever calls to me at that particular point in time.

Most recently its been a dive into the worlds of AI and computer design. You can find my collections of digital designs under the Products and Digital Design tabs above.

As I head back into the studio to work on a new series of Original paintings set to debut in Summer 2024 - check out my Inventory Clear Out Sale going on now. (I have an abundance of Art stacking up that needs to find their forever homes! ;-D) And Stay tuned - sign up for emails and follow along on social media to keep informed about what is coming next and when.

What Sparks your Soul?

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