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Agony, Strength, Peace Original Art

Agony, Strength, Peace Original Art

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 The full range of emotions are represented here. Some days you just feel like your world is falling apart. Like your head and body are splitting open from all the pain, sadness, weakness and depression. You want to give up and just melt away into nothingness. You are in AGONY.  Then one day you wake up and you begin to fight your way back to life. You shove ego aside and you listen to your soul whispering, screaming, begging  from the inside to find your way. You dig deep and find that power, that fierce determination to let the shitty stuff go and fight for the You you know you are.  You find your STRENGTH!  Eventually you will find that calm spot. You see the beauty in the world again and in yourself, maybe for the first time. You smile softly, you feel joy, abundance, gratitude. You close your eyes and realize you are Love. The brightness from the light inside of you illuminates everything. And you feel at PEACE. 


* set of 3 original paintings

*Agony and Peace - 11" x 14", Strength - 16"x 20"

*Acrylic and rhinestones on stretched canvas

* Black frames ready to hang



All products (except for Original Art) are made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing. For custom product timeframe, please reference item description.

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